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I have had amazing experience with Oviya fashion. Not just with pretty clothes but I placed a big order of customized return gift boxes from her. I must say that it was such a great decision. Monica made sure I am getting everything I needed in the box and she was very prompt with her services. Though the order was placed with a very short notice, she made sure of the time and quality of the delivery. Looking forward to more shopping from Oviya fashion.

 Anjali Parate 

I find oviya fashion very cute and customer friendly brand. Also it is a women owned business so super proud to contribute anything that I could.

Shamli Bhusari                                          

Amazing experience shipping with Oviya fashion! There is a personalized touch to every order and that's the best part.. I have ordered many things from Oviya fashion and never had a bad experience.. Thank you Monica!

Aishwarya Bhardwaj

Economical and good quality products! Love the packaging, which makes it a happy buying experience.

Gauri Deshmukh

A very good experience, I got the delivery within the promised delivery date and please if possible can you get some Male products as well..

Vishal H

Loved your collection, the fit/color of my purchase, and the incredible packaging. A really smooth transition from purchase to delivery. Thank you!

Pratyusha Giridhar

Its always been lovely💜

Ruchi Mehta

Products were durable, cute yet affordable.

Nidhi Kulkarni

It’s been an amazing experience with all the customizations

Shreya Wali

It was the best decision to shop with Oviya Fashion…. The cloth material is too good with super fit

Nanditha J

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